Hasse & Stoltz GbR

  •  VFX-Supervision

      VFX Planning

      Working together with you from Pre-Production onwards, we offer our experience to help you find the best solutions for your planned VFX shots. We always take into account the particular needs and conditions of the production. Through early communication with the writers, the Director, the DoP and the Production Team we can help to reduce shooting time and lower the costs. Our goal at all times is first and foremost to realize your creative vision.

      Set Supervision

      During principal photography we supervise the shooting of VFX shots. In a close dialogue with the Director, DoP and Production we aim to optimize the live action footage for later treatment in post production. We are capable of reacting flexibly to the actual conditions on set, and thereby helping to create a flawless shooting process.

      VFX Supervision

      To guarantee an adequate realization of your vision after principal photography we also offer the supervision of the VFX team in Post-Production. As the connecting link between creative direction and VFX specialists we coordinate the assembly and development of the necessary technical infrastructure and supervise the VFX work. In close communication with the Director and the Production we take responsibility for a technically excellent result, providing final images of the highest possible quality.


      The Swarm
      The kangaroo Conspiracy
      The kangaroo Chronicles
      Jim Botton
      Unsere Zeit ist jetzt
      Fear the Walking Dead
      Ku´damm 56
      The 7th Dwarf
      Pro 7 Starforce
      The Raven
      Journey - Mysterious Island
      Lilli the Witch II
      Suburban Crocodiles II
      Wickie und die starken Männer
      Suburban Crocodiles
      Payback Commercial

  •  Previsualisation

    • For a detailed preparation of principal photography we offer Pre-Visualisations. With simplified 3d animations we can provide a preview of complete sequences, much like a test shoot but considerably quicker and cheaper. For a comparatively small effort pre-visualizations offer a broad opportunity for experimentation, allowing the DoP and the Director to try out creative ideas before principal photography. Furthermore we can extract detailed data from the 3D pre-visualizations, such as camera position, required lenses, distances, green screen dimensions and set decoration elements. This helps to simplify and speed up the preparation process.


      The 7th Dwarf
      Suburban Crocodiles II
      Suburban Crocodiles

  •  CGI-Supervision

    • Complex vfx and animation productions require a powerfull technical pipeline and a well organised structure for all components of the workflow. Building on our experience from various projects, ranging from high end vfx productions to fully animated movies, we offer the planning, development and supervision of the complete cgi process. This includes the preparation of live action footage for the vfx workflow, digital asset build, handling digital shots in animation, lighting, rendering and compositing and the preparation of the final imagery for post production.


      Little Dragon Coconut
      The 7th Dwarf
      Iron Man 3
      The Avengers
      Lilli the Witch II
      Iron Man 2

  •  Stereo 3D Supervision

    • Stereo 3D can transform your images into an even more immersive experience for the audience. We can help you make the most efficient use of stereo 3D by establishing a global stereo concept for your production, integrating visual effects into stereoscopic imagery or converting 2D pictures into 3D stereo. It is our goal to support the creative content with the means of stereoscopy, rather than creating distracting superficial 3D effects.


      Knight Rusty II
      Little Dragon Coconut
      The 7th Dwarf
      Rusty Knight


      Stereo Conversion:

      Captain America
      The Green Lantern
      The Green Hornet
      The Chronicles of Narnia
      Super Hybrid